For affordable group music tuition in Lower Hutt

Welcome to Gallery Music Centre

How much will it cost?

For Primary/Intermediate aged students the Ministry of Education funds over 800 teaching hours each year for Gallery Music programmes.  However, demand is greater than the number of available hours.  To allow as many students as possible access to our programmes we ask for a Family Contribution towards these additional hours and other operating expenses.  Family Contributions are tied to the stage of musical knowledge your child has reached in their particular instrument. Those working at higher stages are asked to contribute a higher percentage of the actual operating cost of the class.

Family Contributions for the 2018 year are as follows – (these are per year, not per term!)

Stage 1 $65.00 Students ‘brand new’ to an instrument, Pre-instrumental for 5 and 6 year olds is $35.00.
Stage 2 $85.00 includes Pat Sviatko Ensemble
Stage 3 $105.00 includes Orchestra and Flute Choir
Stage 4 $115.00
Stage 5+ $125.00
Instrument Hire Instrument hire (when available) is in addition to class fees and generally ranges between $80 and $125 per year depending on the instrument.