Music Lessons in Lower Hutt for Violin, Keyboard, Flute, Cello, Recorder, Guitar, Drums, Orchestra and Music Basics classes.

Welcome to Gallery Music Centre


Classes are available in:

Music Basics (ages 5-7)
Trumpet (8+)
Flute (age around 10+)
Recorder (6.5)
Ensemble (around 2 years prior tuition)
Orchestra (around 3 years prior tuition, open age group)

All instrument classes are 30 minutes in length unless stated otherwise, and on a Saturday morning.  Students are expected to be ready to enter class at the scheduled start time.

We enroll students for Ensemble/Orchestral classes and our Music Basic classes throughout the year.

How are classes allocated?

Classes placements are determined by the tutors and Gallery Coordinator.

Priority placement in beginner classes is given to students advancing from our pre-instrumental programme. After this, priority is given to new students from existing families and families from our host school. Students wishing to learn more than one instrument will be placed in classes if there are spaces available.

What is expected from Students?

Students are expected to have access to instruments at home and bring them to class each week.  Gallery Music Centre have violins available for hire ($80 per year) and cellos for hire ($100 per year).

In addition to the class contribution of $180 per year, students are expected to pay for instrument purchase or hire, instrument maintenance and tuition workbooks.  Music tutor books are chosen by the tutor and usually available from the tutor or local music stores.

For full details please download the Prospectus.  Minimum start age is 7 years old for most instruments. Most classes are restricted to primary/intermediate children, however the Gallery Orchestra is open to all ages.