Music Lessons in Lower Hutt for Violin, Keyboard, Flute, Cello, Recorder, Guitar, Drums, Orchestra and Music Basics classes.

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General Information & Prospectus


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  • Gallery is a year long commitment and therefore lesson times, once allocated, cannot be changed.  Sorry, lessons cannot be changed for winter sports or other such reasons.
  • Please be on time for lessons.  You should plan to arrive at least 5 minutes BEFORE your scheduled class time and be ready to enter the classroom as soon as the previous lesson concludes.
  • You need to email or phone your child’s teacher or the Class Coordinator if you are going to be away. Teachers plan especially for your child. If you repeatedly fail to contact the teacher your child may be removed from the class.
  • Please update your details in ClubHub if any change details
  • Please respect our host school. Direct or indirect damage of Avalon Primary School in any way will result in instant dismissal.
  • Payment of your fees is expected at the start of the year unless arranged otherwise with the Gallery Coordinator.
  • No Refunds after 1 March except under exceptional circumstances.


Student Rights and Responsibilities

  • Students are expected to respect and follow instructions given by teachers and Gallery staff.
  • All students have the right to learn in a safe and respectful class environment.
  • Students have a responsibility to respect other students and their learning.
  • Students are expected to practice for the time that the teacher instructs. All students are to have a notebook and pencil in their lessons.
  • All students are expected to practice between lessons and over school holidays.  Students who do not practice slow the entire class down and may be assigned to another class or be removed.



  • In most cases the minimum class size is 4 students.  The maximum depends on the instrument.
  • If attendance consistently falls below the minimum the class may be cancelled or students re-assigned to other classes.
  • Students who are repeatedly absent or who fail to practice may be asked to leave or may be reassigned.  No refund will be available in this case and the decision of the Class Coordinator will be final.
  • Registration does not guarantee a slot in a class.  We do have enrolment criteria and, in some cases, waiting lists.  We will notify you when you have been assigned to a lesson.


Students may only enroll in one beginner (stage 1) class per year. Once students progress into a stage 2 or higher class, they may take up a subsequent instrument.